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Maximise Revenue with
Online Ordering System

Keep your restaurant & cafe fully operational during this time with our Online Ordering POS System – $0 setup and no ongoing monthly fees!*

*A small transaction fee applies

Support Multiple Locations

If you have more than one location, you can manage all your sites and optimise business operations within the Abacus platform. The cost of delivery will be calculated based on the distance (kilometres) from the specific store.


Abacus Online Ordering POS solution allows your customers to order and pay from anywhere – on mobile phone or desktop. We are here to help your business continue to churn the numbers without customers physically coming through your doors. 

DoorDash Integration

The integration of DoorDash with Abacus POS gives you a more streamlined, organised and faster experience when accepting food deliveries! With top-performing “Dashers” – as DoorDash refers to its delivery drivers – you can increase productivity and provide an efficient delivery service to your customers without the need to manage your own drivers. While there are no additional fees to Abacus for this integration, customers are required to have a DoorDash subscription.

Benefits of Abacus Restaurant
Online Ordering System


Orders can be made online, which get sent straight to your POS. This means less room for error, and faster ordering times. With our integrated online food ordering system for restaurants, your business will have better efficiency, accuracy and improved customer service.

Takeaway & Delivery Options

Ensure that your business is compliant to social distancing requirements, and provide your customers the option to place orders for takeaway or delivery with our online ordering system.

Customised Branding

When you have your own online service, you’re in control. Strengthen your brand with your own images and colour palette. A well-designed and implemented online food ordering system can be a crucial element in generating sales or catching the eye of a potential consumer.

Integrated Web Service

If you have a website, you can integrate our web ordering platform into it. If you don’t have a website, you can still host an online ordering webpage, and share it through your social media! Having a presence online and integrating it with an online food ordering system is key to driving more footfall through your doors.

Accessible on Mobile & Desktop

Put your menu in the pocket of every customer. Our online web ordering is accessible through both mobile and desktop browsers, so your customers can order online wherever they are.

Customisable Menu

Duplicate your existing menu for online ordering so it’s consistent with your products in store, or change it completely for online ordering. Upload your best photos to make your online store or menu irresistible. The Abacus online ordering system for restaurants is flexible and can be easily configured to suit your requirements.

Customisable Promotion Coupons

Engage your customers with attractive, compelling promotions! With the Abacus POS, you can offer users a discount by getting them to scan a QR code upon checkout.

Combo Support

Upsell your popular products by creating combos and offering extra options. Whether your customer is looking to modify an existing product or to complete their meal with a drink, Abacus has you covered.

Hassle-free, easy set-up

Get started quickly and instantly activate your online food ordering system software. Embed it into your website and share with social media to boost sales.

To help with all the uncertainty, we are offering you

$0 Setup Fee

$0 Monthly Fee

Low Transaction Rate

*Abacus POS Subscription fees still apply.

We Do Our Best to Help Our Australian Hospitality Businesses

Stay ahead and grow your business with Abacus POS. Your customers can still experience your amazing products and services through our online food ordering system that gives you access to takeaway and delivery ordering options.